How Can I Use LinkedIn As A Recruiter Effectively?

What should you not say to a recruiter?

7 Things You Should Never Tell a Recruiter“I’m pretty desperate.” …

“It’ll do, I suppose.” …

“I hated my last boss/ colleagues.” …

“Did you not even bother to read my CV?” …

“I’m hoping to go travelling at some point.” …

“I just want more money.” …

“I’d probably accept a counter-offer.”.

Is applying online a waste of time?

Applying for jobs online is definitely not a waste of time and energy. As a recruiter, I’ve made plenty of hires from candidates who came in the door that way—they didn’t have connections, they didn’t have an internal contact making introductions. They simply sent their resume through the online application systems.

What is the best way to use LinkedIn recruiter?

Using LinkedIn Recruiter: 7 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of…Convert your company followers into new hires. … Align your search and pipeline in one place. … Search for new talent based on the profiles of your current top performers. … Once you’ve found people who seem like a good fit, send them an effective InMail message.More items…•

Is LinkedIn effective for recruiting?

With the competitive landscape of recruitment, hiring managers can’t afford not to be active users of LinkedIn. Though all social media platforms have a place in the recruiting world, LinkedIn is one of the most effective professional networking sites for connecting with potential candidates and promoting job openings.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn recruiter?

What are the hidden benefits of LinkedIn recruiting?Create two complete profiles. Of course it’s beneficial to fill out a complete LinkedIn profile so that people can learn more about you. … Join groups, share ideas. … Conduct background research. … Get referrals from others.

What do you say to a recruiter on LinkedIn?

How to reach out and Message a Recruiter on LinkedIn (Step by Step Directions)Thank them for accepting the request.Mention your interest in the role and what you can do to benefit the company they are hiring for. … Note: Don’t forget to attach your resume.More items…•

Is it worth going through a recruiter?

A recruiter could match you with a job that requires your skills and experiences. Keep in mind that a recruiter’s job is not to find you a job. Recruiters are hired by businesses looking for employees to fill their open positions. … Below are seven reasons why you should use a recruiter for your job search.

How much does LinkedIn cost for a recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruiter cost starts at $8,999 per year. LinkedIn Recruiter is an advanced tool for searching LinkedIn profiles, organizing your findings, and getting in contact with candidates.

What percentage of recruiters use LinkedIn?

90%With more than 20 million companies listed on the site and 14 million open jobs, it’s no surprise to find out that 90% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

Is LinkedIn recruiter worth the cost?

It is definitely worth the cost if you have multiple recruiters who need to share projects, inmails, searches and notes. It definitely isn’t worth the cost if you are an individual recruiter, do very little communication on the LinkedIn platform, and have a good CRM / ATS that usage is enforced and consistent.

Is it better to apply directly or through a recruiter?

When you reach out to your hiring manager directly, your price tag is lower because there’s no recruiting fee for your next boss to pay on top of your salary. Recruiters only work on actual job openings, and in particular on job openings that employers haven’t been able to fill on their own.

How can I use LinkedIn more effectively?

20 steps to a better LinkedIn profile in 2020Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn. … Add a background photo. … Make your headline more than just a job title. … Turn your summary into your story. … Declare war on buzzwords. … Grow your network. … List your relevant skills. … Spotlight the services you offer.More items…•