How Do I Find Potential Suppliers?

What are the criteria for selecting suppliers?

suppliers be treated fairly, equally and with respect • documents utilised during the supplier selection process use clear, simple and easy to understand language • consistent information is provided to all suppliers • feedback from the supplier community is used to identify opportunities for improvement • barriers to ….

What are steps to define supplier?

Supplier Management: Six Steps to Selecting the Right SupplierIdentifying a Supplier. Before selecting your supplier, it is important to gather the opinions of stakeholders and define the criteria for the selection process. … Measuring Supply Performance. … Gaining Supplier Feedback. … Achieving Certification. … Developing Partnerships. … Ensuring Quality for Consumers.

Who are potential suppliers?

Potential Supplier means any target supplier in respect of whom Unilever or any Unilever Group member was actively and directly seeking to receive goods or services on exclusive or specially negotiated terms at any time during the Relevant Period in respect of whom you held material Confidential Information.

What would make you search for a new supplier?

6 Factors of Considering a New SupplierFinding a Supplier. A great place to start is generally online. … Negotiating Price and Value. This is critically important. … Reliability. Reliability should be another key consideration for choosing suppliers. … Stability. … Location. … Cultural Fit.

How do you identify a supplier?

13 Sourcing Tips To Identify New Quality SuppliersCheck Certifications. … Evaluate The Geo-Political Climate. … Finding Reputable Suppliers On The Thomas Network. … Gauge Financial Stability. … Assess Weather-Related Risk. … Align Manufacturing and Shipping Locations To Your Needs. … Carefully Review Product Information. … Ask For Accessible Inventory Information.More items…•

How do I find the best suppliers?

10 Tips for Finding a Wholesale DistributorFind the Right Small Business Wholesale Supplier.Understand Your Industry’s Distribution Channels.Try the Manufacturer First.Have a Productive First Contact With a Wholesale Supplier.Get Specific in Online Searches.Look for Wholesale Lots on eBay.Check Major B2B Marketplaces.More items…

What are the types of suppliers?

Here are the main types of suppliers.Services. These include suppliers of electricity, water, telephones, IT, email, website hosting, stationery, facilities, transport, etc.Sub-contractors. If you’re in a trade business, these will include other tradespeople. … Manufacturers/producers. … Distributors. … Importers.

What are the three most important criteria for selecting suppliers?

Criteria for selecting a supplierprice.value for money.quality.reliability.responsiveness.flexibility.

What are the four stages of supplier selection?

Four Basic Stages of Supplier SelectionSupplier Selection Criteria. … First Stage: Evaluating Offers. … Second Stage: Operational Capacity Analysis. … Third Stage: Technical Capability Determination. … Fourth Stage: Financial Analysis. … Conclusion.