Question: How Do I Buy Notice Period In TCS?

Can I resign during bond period?

For example, if your bond if for 1 year and you want to quit after 6 months, you must notify employer via a written resignation and get a written waiver on the bond or approval of resignation and MUST comply with the notice period..

What is TCS rehire policy?

TCS. TCS, according to several current and ex-employees, does not apparently encourage re-hiring old employees as part of its updated HR strategy. … However, rehiring after a period of two or four years would mean the company has to offer a 20 or 40 percent hike, instead of which TCS prefers to take freshers.

Is it necessary to pay bond in TCS?

If you are not paying any compensation amount u will get blacklisted forever in TCS. If u abscond without any proper relieval u will get your name blacklisted in NASSCOM. As the result u cannot join in indian conglomerates which is registered under NASSCOM.

Do companies wait for 3 months notice period?

Generally service based companies have 3 months notice period. These 3 months are for the employee to complete the current tasks and bring those to a logical end. … Some companies do wait for 3 months. Some companies actually start hiring 5–6 months earlier than the actual requirement in their projects.

What if I reject TCS offer letter?

No Company can blacklist you if you don’t join them even after accepting offer letter. It’s completely legal if you don’t want to join TCS even after accepting the offer as you are not yet employed to the organization. … Some companies can actually blacklist you in severe cases but it shall not lasts longer than a year.

Does TCS pay salary in notice period?

Yes TCS pays salary during notice period. However the final settlement that includes earned leave encashment will take around 45 days to reach you after the notice period gets over .

In India, it is well within the legal framework for IT companies to incorporate 3 months notice period in the appointment letter. … Some companies allow the employees to resign with 30 days notice even though they have signed the 90 days notice period clause, but this is purely at the discretion of the company.

How can I reduce my notice period in TCS?

If you wish to decrease your notice period, there is a shortfall amount to be paid (=a month’s basic) which will be prorated on the number of days you wish to work less. But in this case you might have to pay the bond amount.

Does TCS reduce notice period?

Yes, notice period can be reduced by your supervisor if you convince him to do so because of various reasons. Secondly if you can get released from the project then you will be allocated to corporate RMG who will relieve you from TCS withing 3 – 4 days once you discuss with them.

What if I abscond from TCS?

Scenario 2: Consequences (in addition to those mentioned above) of absconding TCS as per 2nd definition: You are liable to legal actions taken by the company against you in the court of law, if: … you were found to be damaging tangible/intangible assets of TCS and leaving without making a fixed upon compensation.

How can I get early release from TCS?

After you resign, release is not in your hand. If company don’t want to pay, they may release earlier than notice period. If you want forcefully, even that there is a chance you can pay some amount to company, but that’s purely HR call.. now a days, they are not allowing early release.

What is the salary in TCS after 3 years?

After 3 years in TCS your salary will be in the range of 3.8–5.2L PA based upon your appraisal rating(or Performance Band) as per current process. As you can notice the range is around 1.4 Lakh.

How can I reduce my notice period?

If you want to give less notice Ask your employer if they’ll agree to reduce your notice period. Reassure them that leaving early won’t cause them any problems – for example, agree to finish any urgent work. It can be worth reminding them that letting you leave early will mean they don’t have to pay you for as long.

Can I join TCS again after resignation?

You cannot join back TCS once you left or switched to other company. … It is not possible to join TCS back again. As it has recently stated that ‘TCS will not hire it’s ex-employees’. And also they will not be able to get back to any TATA group either.

Can I leave TCS without notice period?

You can leave TCS on the very same day too. Just talk to HR and ask them about the bond money and get your release papers. No need to abscond, as it may make a blot on your career map.

How many days is 3 months notice period?

While UAE Labour Law says the minimum notice period required in all cases is 30 days, if a contract has been signed by both parties that states the notice period is three months, this is the agreement that is valid.

What is the notice period in TCS?

90 daysAs per TCS policy the notice Period is 90 days. However, in case if you are not unallocated for more than a month then you can request the HR to reduce your notice period.

Is notice period included in bond period in TCS?

Yes, this is possible. Since, TCS notice period is now 3 months for India employees. … On 10th June you would be completing your notice period of 3 months as well as your service agreement/ bond and hence you would not have to pay anything to TCS.