Question: How Do You Get Toppr Welcome Kit?

Can I use Toppr for free?

Toppr app is free of cost.

It also offers access to all the video lectures without any charges..

How can I get Toppr premium for free?

Get Free Subscription Worth Rs.4000 for 30 DaysVisit the Offer Page [ Click Here ]Enter your Name and Number.Click on Sign up.That’s it ! It is valid till May 2019 only for first time users.

Is BYJU’s for free?

Students across classes 1-12 can download and access BYJU’S learning programs for free until the end of April, BYJU’S said in a statement. … Students with the pre-installed app (free version) will need to update it in order to access the complete learning content for free.

Does Unacademy charge money?

Unacademy offers several free courses. Their paid courses – Unacademy plus – have prices ranging from ₹ 1,000 up to ₹ 30,000. Their paid courses – Unacademy Plus – are limited to small batches of students.

Is Khan Academy better than BYJU’s?

Khan academy is providing free content it’s appreciable and it’s good for those who are really doing well with their studies. But Byjus help you to learn from the basics in an interesting manner. It helps kid to devote time and let them be curious to learn more.

Is BYJU’s costly?

Byju’s sells its curriculum sets for specific classes, for instance Maths and Science for Class 6, or a series of CAT lectures. … The lectures aren’t cheap — the Maths and Science curriculum, for instance, costs between Rs. 2 and Rs. 30,000.

Is Toppr good for NEET?

Toppr is India’s leading after-school learning app on a mission to make learning personalised. … This ensures that every student has a unique and personalised learning experience and students can prepare for JEE & NEET with an expert’s guidance.

Which learning app is best in India?

To aid students during this time, there are several online learning and education apps, which are available for both Android and iOS devices in India….Doubtnut features.App NameAvailabilityFree counselling/ demo classesBYJU’siOS/ AndroidYesUnacademyiOS/ AndroidYesVendantuiOS/ AndroidYesToppriOS/ AndroidYes1 more row•Aug 20, 2020

Which is better Toppr or Unacademy?

Customer Support. The quality and timeliness of support are an important parameter while comparing toppr with Unacademy. toppr offers email as support to its customers while Unacademy provides phone, email, live support.

Is BYJU’s enough for NEET?

BYJU’S- The Learning App is known for providing the best course for competitive exams like NEET. National Entrance cum Eligibility (NEET) is a national level entrance exam conducted by CBSE for medical courses like MBBS, BDS, PG in various government and private Medical Institutes across India.

Which is better Vedantu or Toppr?

Vedantu has courses for Class 11-12 students and droppers preparing for JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced, NEET, and KVPY exam. However, Toppr caters to more number of competitive/entrance exams.

Is Toppr a good app?

Better than doing online you should better study yourself, or insted you should join a coaching and go with a steady pace. But yes, toppr is a good app for solving a variety of questions.

Is Toppr good for boards?

Madhurie Singh’s verdict : TOPPR excellent tool to prepare for the tests and entrance exams as it has loads of questions to practice. But it is a waste for the foundation classes from the sample videos, learning material, links and chat with the expert.

Which online learning app is best?

Now, here are 15 of the best free mobile learning apps available on Android and iOS.Udemy. Udemy is an online service that offers a vast array of courses on everything from web development to personal development. … Lynda. … Khan Academy. … TED. … Lumosity. … Goodreads. … Duolingo. … StudyBlue.More items…•

Is BYJU’s good?

Byju is a very good app for online studying. Its takes tests after teaching every topics so that the topic is clearly understandable by students. Its made for students for class 6 to 12. As per my recommendation , its the best app for online study.

Is Toppr paid?

Joining Toppr is absolutely free! You can learn with Online and Live Classes, Concepts and Stories for every topic in your syllabus. You can try it out to see how Toppr works. To take full advantage of our platform, you will have to subscribe to a paid package.

How much does Toppr cost?

The live classes will cost ₹12,000 a year, all subjects included, with classes for 2-5 hours a week. Toppr’s earnings come only via subscriptions, although it provides free content.

How many days is Toppr free?

30 dayThe bank is giving a full 30 day free trial subscription of learning app ‘toppr’ to its YONO customers who are preparing for JEE Main, NEET, JEE Advance, CBSE or other school exams.