Question: How Do You Use Step Up In A Sentence?

How do you use step by step in a sentence?

Examples of ‘step by step’ in a sentence step by stepStep by step it goes forward and that is all you can ask for.

I’ll come back step by step.

And then they read the movements that she can make to take her, step by step, forward.

Your dream of changing your life could turn into a step-by-step action plan.More items….

What is another way to say brought up?

What is another word for brought up?bredfosterednourishednursedraisedrearedcultivateddevelopeddisciplinededucated26 more rows

What is another word for bring up?

raise; bring up; rear; educate; broach a subject; broach; cut into; put forward; put on the table; pull up; initiate; sting; reap; throw up; toss up; cut; toss in the air; puke; vomit; spew; upchuck; be sick; boot; reboot; refer; mention; name; cite; advert; lift; elevate; get up; nurture; parent.

Is it step by step or step by step?

1 Answer. According to Wiktionary, step by step is the adverbial form, whereas step-by-step is the adjectivial. So your second example is the correct one.

What is a brought topic?

When you “bring up” a topic, you start talking about it. The phrase “bring up ___” is like many phrasal verbs. The word “up” immediately follows “bring” most of the time, like in this example: I brought up the topic of Jessica, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about it.

What does well brought up mean?

adjective. If you say that someone, especially a child, is well-brought-up, you mean that they are very polite because they have been taught good manners.

What is the meaning of introduce?

introduce is a general term for bringing or placing a thing or person into a group or body already in existence. introduced a new topic into the conversation insert implies putting into a fixed or open space between or among.

How do you use bring up in a sentence?

Bring up sentence examplesSo why didn’t you bring up the other two? … If he didn’t bring up the subject again, she wasn’t about to. … “Han, bring up some food,” he said without turning to look at the blond man in the doorway. … Dean wished Cynthia had waited until they were alone to bring up the subject.More items…

What does it mean to step up?

2 : to increase, augment, or advance especially by one or more steps step up production. intransitive verb. 1a : to come forward stepped up to claim responsibility. b : to succeed in meeting a challenge (as by increased effort or improved performance) 2 : to undergo an increase business is stepping up.

How do you explain step by step?

Let’s examine a step-by-step approach you can use to apply the SEE-I method.State it. Identify the concept or idea you wish to communicate – clearly and succinctly state the concept. … Elaborate. Using phrases such as: “In other words,” to further expand on your concept. … Exemplify. … Illustrate.

What do you call step by step?

Words Related to step-by-step. progressive, stepped, tapered.

What is the phrasal verb of bring up?

1[often passive] to care for a child, teaching him or her how to behave, etc. synonym raise She brought up five children. He was brought up by his aunt. a well/badly brought up child bring somebody up to do something They were brought up to (= taught as children to) respect authority.

What is meant by step?

1 : a movement made by lifting one foot and putting it down in another spot. 2 : a rest or place for the foot in going up or down : stair. 3 : a combination of foot and body movements in a repeated pattern a dance step. 4 : manner of walking a lively step.