Quick Answer: Is Dokifans A Legit Site?

Is Loveinhome a legitimate website?

Definitely a scam company.

Never received my order and they do not respond to emails.

I got desperate through the pandemic and purchased 16 rolls of bounty paper towels for $60 on this website, but after not receiving a shipment e-mail for over a month after I made the purchase, I contacted them to cancel my order..

What happens to unsold tickets on Ticketmaster?

What happens if my tickets are not sold? Remove the listing and use the tickets yourself if you can, or give ’em to a friend – click the My Tickets button on your order in My Account to see if there’s a Transfer button. Sorry, there are no refunds for unsold tickets.

Who invented Ticketmaster?

Gordon GunnPeter GadwaJerry NelsonAlbert LefflerTicketmaster/Founders

Is TicketSmarter a legit site?

TicketSmarter is a ticket resale marketplace that is not affiliated with any other online ticket marketplaces.

Is Annie cloth for real?

Anniecloth is one of many scam online clothing companies. They steal other companies’ pictures and try to pass their cheap clothes off as something of much higher quality. I ordered over $150 worth of clothing that took a month to get here, and I can’t wear any of it. Return shipping will cost too much to be worth it.

Is Alycandy com legit?

Alycandy seems to be a legit online store that offers worldwide delivery. Their shipping charges are quite high. We suggest our readers check out this website and their chic and trendy products and share their shopping experiences with us.

Is Ticketmaster a scalper?

Ticketmaster essentially has a monopoly on the sale of tickets to all kinds of events, including sports, music and theater in North America and the United Kingdom. The company has been deeply critical of scalpers — people or businesses who buy tickets and then resell them at higher prices for a profit.

Is TicketWeb owned by Ticketmaster?

In a move to diversify its ticket offerings, Ticketmaster Online-City Search Inc. Tuesday announced that it has acquired TicketWeb Inc. in a stock transaction valued at $35.2 million.

Is wish legit and safe?

Despite its unbelievable prices, Wish is completely legit. … In addition to the risks of knockoffs, you should know that some of the items you find on Wish are risky buys. Electronics might be poorly made or clothing might not fit right. Just like the old saying goes: “You get what you pay for.”

Who owns Ticketmaster?

Live NationLive Nation EntertainmentTicketmaster/Parent organizations

What is Loveinhome website?

Loveinhome.com is a fraudulent website that charges your card immediately for an item and never sends the item purchased or replies to any contact via email to them about the item.

Can I get a refund from Ticketmaster if my event is rescheduled?

If your event is cancelled, we’ll usually issue a refund automatically. If your event is rescheduled or postponed, we’ll need you to return any tickets you’ve received to our address below, and once we have them back we’ll refund the face value plus the service charge onto your card.

Is Uoozee a reliable site?

Uoozee has a consumer rating of 3.6 stars from 197 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Uoozee also ranks 166th among Women’s Clothing sites.

Can you get a refund on Ticketmaster tickets?

If an event is canceled, and you purchased your ticket through Ticketmaster.com, our phone center, or Fan-to-Fan, we will automatically issue you a refund to the credit card, debit card, gift card or the method of payment used to make your purchase.

How long does it take for Ticketmaster to refund?

30 daysYou should expect to receive your refund in as soon as 30 days. Note that if your event was canceled and you purchased tickets via Ticketmaster, you will automatically receive a refund and there is no need to reach out to Fan Support.