Quick Answer: Is Tommy’S Matchbook Good In PVP?

What does the Tommy’s matchbook catalyst do?

Once complete, the Catalyst will give you the Heat the Moment perk, which decreases the amount of damage you’ll take from your weapon burn..

How do you get Tommy’s matchbook season 11?

Tommy’s Matchbook Solar auto rifle is an easy get. You can pick it up immediately after buying the Season Pass, at rank 1. If you’re not a Season Pass owner, you can unlock Tommy’s Matchbook by hitting level 35 on your Season Pass. The Fourth Horseman Arc shotgun has its own quest.

How many kills Tommy’s matchbook catalyst?

700 killsYou must now get 700 kills with Tommy’s Matchbook.

Is Tommy’s matchbook any good?

Verdict. Tommy’s Matchbook is in a league of its own, but not because it’s better than anything else. It’s a weapon that’s very different to any other Exotic in Destiny 2, one that might mark a new direction that Bungie is taking the game in. It’s new and different, but it’s also something that’s oddly appealing.

Can you still get Tommy’s matchbook?

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to splash out on the pass yet though, you can still get Tommy’s Matchbook. Instead of receiving it immediately, however, you’ll instead need to grind your way up the free pass until rank 35, at which point you’ll unlock the tasty new drum wheel weapon.