Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning For Unscrupulous?

What is unscrupulous person?

The unscrupulous person is without scruples of conscience, and disregards, or has contempt for, laws of right or justice with which he or she is perfectly well acquainted, and which should restrain his or her actions: unscrupulous in methods of making money, in taking advantage of the unfortunate..

How do you use unscrupulous in a sentence?

He was too unscrupulous and self-centred to play for anything but his own hand. Cruel, vicious, unscrupulous and strong, the country groaned beneath his oppression. His internal policy was blind, reckless and unscrupulous, and inevitably led to disaster.

What is the root word of unscrupulous?

unscrupulous (adj.) 1803, from un- (1) “not” + scrupulous (adj.). Related: Unscrupulously; unscrupulousness.

What impish means?

playful and mischievous: having or showing a playful desire to cause trouble : playful and mischievous. See the full definition for impish in the English Language Learners Dictionary. impish. adjective. imp·​ish | \ ˈim-pish \

What is a sneaky person called?

The definition of dishonest is a person who cheats or lies. 9. 1. underhanded. Acting or done in a deceptive, secret, or sly manner; dishonest and sneaky.

What’s a deceitful person?

Then you’re deceitful — someone who’s untrustworthy, two-faced, or fraudulent. … Being called deceitful is not a compliment: deceitful words are misleading and deceitful people tend to lie or deceive others. You can say a corrupt business is deceitful, and a two-faced politician is deceitful.