Quick Answer: Which City Is Most Educated In Pakistan?

What does the literacy rate measure?

The literacy rate is defined by the percentage of the population of a given age group that can read and write.

The adult literacy rate corresponds to ages 15 and above, the youth literacy rate to ages 15 to 24, and the elderly to ages 65 and above..

Which country has highest literacy rate?

Russia1. Russia: The country with the highest literacy rate in Russia with almost 53% of the population has tertiary education.

Which city has the highest literacy rate?

Top 10 Highest Literate Cities of India : RankingRankCityState1AizawlMizoram2KochiKerala3ThrissurKerala8 more rows

Which state is No 1 in education in India?

These are India’s most literate states — Kerala tops the chart, while Andhra Pradesh ranks the lowest. Kerala is the most literate state in India, with 96.2% literacy rate. After Kerala, Delhi has the highest literacy rate in the country at 88.7%.

What is the literacy rate of Pakistan?

59 percentIn 2017, Pakistan’s total literacy rate was around 59 percent, with less than 47 percent of women being literate and more than 71 percent of men. In Pakistan, women’s education is in dire need of improvement, and so far, the number of illiterate women has not decreased – on the contrary, it has been going up for years.

Which city of Pakistan has highest literacy rate?

Islamabad Capital Territory1 Provincial Comparison in Literacy/Illiteracy Rates At present (2004), the highest adult literacy rate is in Islamabad Capital Territory (82%) followed by Punjab 56.14%; Sindh 51.48%; NWFP 46.17% and Balochistan 37.18%.

Is Pakistan in poverty?

As of 2017, the Asian Development Bank reports that there are approximately 210 million people living in Pakistan. In 2011, 12.4% of Pakistanis live below in Pakistan’s definition of poverty. … According to the World Bank, poverty in Pakistan fell from 64.3% in 2002 to 29.5% in 2014.

Which country has the highest female literacy rate?

Literacy rate, youth female (% of females ages 15-24) – Country RankingRankCountryValue1San Marino100.001Uzbekistan100.003Dem. People’s Rep. Korea100.004Ukraine99.98118 more rows•Dec 28, 2019

What is the literacy rate in 2019?

The overall literacy rate in Rural India is 64.7 per cent. In rural India, the literacy rate among females is 56.8 per cent and among males is 72.3 per cent. 3. The overall literacy rate in Urban India is 79.5 per cent.

What is the literacy rate across Africa?

70%Literacy rates in African countries are estimated at roughly 70%, according to African Union data released Thursday, lagging behind world averages of about 90%. Seeking to spread cultural tendencies to read, the bloc convened a three-day continental meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa last May.

Which city is most educated in Pakistan?

Top 10 Districts in the Primary School Education Score IndexRankDistrict/AgencyEducation Score1Tank98.452Kohat98.443Bannu98.194Peshawar97.506 more rows

What is the literacy rate in South Africa 2020?

Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. South Africa literacy rate for 2017 was 87.05%, a 7.32% decline from 2015.

Which city is called Brain of Pakistan?

Lahore”Brain”, the First PC Virus Epidemic, Created in Lahore, Pakistan : History of Information.

Which country has lowest literacy rate?

The countries with the lowest literacy rate, defined as the ability to read and write at a specified age….Lowest Literacy RatesSouth Sudan. 27.0%Afghanistan. 28.1.Niger. 28.7.Burkina Faso. 28.7.Mali. 33.4.Chad. 35.4.Somalia. 37.8.Ethiopia. 39.0.More items…

What is female literacy rate?

For the third year in a row, average literacy rate of females aged between 15 and 49 years has shown an overall increase — 84.8% in 2016, 85.3% in 2017 and 87% in 2018.