Quick Answer: Which Is Better Sarvesh Verma Or Arun Sharma?

Is Sarvesh Verma enough for cat?

If you solve level 2 of Sharvesh Verma, you will be much better prepared for CAT.

It is unpredictable in which year which section will be tough and so it is always a good choice to stay prepared as much as possible.

It is sufficient to just build up your basics, but for CAT level, solving LOD 3 is highly recommended..

How is quantum cat book Quora?

The book also provides mock tests for continuous test practice and has problems of varying difficulty levels for thorough practice. … Between Arun Sharma and Sarvesh Verma(quantum CAT), I preferred Quantum CAT as it has all the explanations needed in the answer, and Arun Sharma’s book looked unnecessarily tough to me.

Is MBA better than SSC?

Related Stories. Investment and expenses: – SSC CGL doesn’t need any investment except application fees and travelling expenses whereas, MBA from a reputed college need 10-15 lakhs of investment. … It is also observed that most of the MBA candidates go for preparing IAS or SSC exams.

Is SSC CGL tough?

SSC CGL 2018 is the most famous exam among the graduates as there is no limitation of stream backgrounds, anybody from any stream can apply for this exam. This makes the competition very difficult. It is important that you begin to prepare for your exam before time.

Is Arun Sharma enough for SSC CGL?

Answer. The competitive exams generally comprise of quantitative, qualitative aptitude, language skills and General Awareness (static and dynamic GK) . … For qualitative and reasoning, books by M K Pandey, R S Aggarwal and Arun Sharma are good. For English Language, book by S P Bakshi and Kiran Prakashan are good.

Is SSC CGL tougher than cat?

SSC is easier to crack: Yes, this is true because we have gone through a lot of myths regarding CAT being the toughest etc. and actually, the examination is tougher than SSC CGL. So, you have to weigh your own weaknesses and strengths in order to be sure to make it to any good institute on the basis of CAT.

Is Arun Sharma enough for cat Quora?

Yes, Arun Sharma books are great concept building and then practising the tougher questions. Arun Sharma is one of the best book publishers and any other MBA entrance. … The logical reasoning and that reading comprehension book are also quite generous books that are enough for cracking CAT with very promising percentile.

How can I clear my cat without coaching?

Success Tips on How to Prepare for CAT Without Coaching?Take Mock Test.Know the Exam Pattern.Time Management.Create Study Groups.Get Right Study Material.Use Technology.Be Motivated & Have Faith in Yourself.

Can I crack SSC CGL in 3 months?

Related Stories. Now, many of the aspirants may be thinking, “Is it possible to prepare for SSC CGL exam in just 3 months?” and the answer is “Yes”. You can prepare for the SSC CGL exam excellently in just 3 months, if you have followed the appropriate preparation strategy with dedication.

How can I prepare for SSC CGL without coaching?

Take Free Mock Tests As the SSC CGL exam is now conducted online, aspirants should get familiar with the computer-based examination. One can take full-length online mock tests, which are usually not available for free. However, one or two mock tests are available for free of cost; never ignore them.

Which website is best for SSC CGL?

Websites for SSC CGLStudy Smart SSC. It is a YouTube channel which provides free online lessons on general aptitude, reasoning, English and general awareness. … SSC Portal. The website is a one stop shop for SSC preparations. … SSC Adda. … Unacadmey. … Grade up.

How good is Arun Sharma for cat?

Yes, Arun Sharma books are great for concepts building and then practising tougher questions . … It will be a good practice since there are many questions plus CAT’s past year papers. The Logical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension books are just fine.

Will cats happen in 2020?

There is no proposal to postpone or cancel CAT 2020, says IIM Indore. … CAT 2020 is planned in the last week of November. No change in CAT 2020 Testing Mode. Professor Harshal Lowalekar, Faculty and Chair Admissions at IIM Indore has been appointed as the Convener of CAT 2020 exam.

Which city is best for SSC preparation?

DelhiIn this regard, Delhi scores the most since it is often called the Mecca of coaching classes in the country and most of the reputed coaching classes can be found here. However, other cities such as Hyderabad, Kolkata are also there on the coaching map.

Is SSC CGL good for female?

SSC CGL is one of the most sought after and one among other SSC jobs in the government sector in India and after the seventh pay commission recommendations, the salary structure will become more attractive. … In addition to this, SSC jobs are also very good for female candidates.