Quick Answer: Why Is Monday The Worst Day Of The Week?

What’s the best day of the week to have off?

WednesdayBut that doesn’t mean that the best way to reinvigorate yourself is by taking a long weekend.

In fact, researchers have found that the best day to take off is Wednesday.

A mid-week break doesn’t disrupt the work week but gives you time to recharge.

And that’s important for your health, scientists have found..

What is the most hated day of the year?

Blue Monday is the name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.

How do I motivate myself on Monday?

Six Ways to Motivate Yourself on Monday MorningSet a goal. There’s nothing more motivating than having a goal to work towards. … Celebrate. Take a look at what you achieved last week and celebrate that. … Get organised. Even the most motivated characters can be demotivated by a never-ending to-do list. … Be grateful. … Find your reason. … Plan a holiday.

How do I stop hating Mondays?

12 Ways To Hate Mondays LessStart your day by paying it forward. … Wear sexy lingerie under your work outfit. … Make a lunch date. … Catch a few rays. … Get busy. … Plan for after-work exercise. … Wear something new. … Commute with a friend.More items…•

What was the saddest day in history?

August 6, 1945August 6, 1945. Nearly 150,000 innocent civilians killed by an atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Or even June 28th, 1914.

What is the happiest day of the year?

July 14Friday July 14 is said to be the happiest day of the year – the antidote to Blue Monday, if you will, which was coined by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall, and takes place on the usually dark and gloomy third Monday in January.

Is Monday a bad day?

Mondays are also the most common day for people to suffer heart attacks and strokes. Even if you don’t end up in the hospital, your blood pressure is higher on Monday, as is your chance of getting sick in general.

Why is Monday the best day of the week?

Mondays are for new beginnings. It doesn’t matter what happened last week. Today is a fresh start and the opportunity to make it a great week/month/year. Mondays are so commonly the day for starting over or trying something new, and even if there’s “failure” in that attempt, the motivated energy is contagious.

What is the saddest day of the week?

02/5​The most depressing day According to a study conducted by the London School of Economics, it is Tuesday that makes you feel the most miserable during the entire week.

Are Tuesdays worse than Mondays?

UNILAD spoke to Emma Privilege, a Mindset Coach who says motivation is a major factor in why Tuesdays are actually the worse day – because while people often associate Mondays with a fresh start, most of this motivation has gone by the time Tuesday comes round.

Why is today most depressing day of the year?

Taking place on the third Monday of January – which this year falls on January 18 – Blue Monday is supposedly the saddest day of the year, due to a combination of bad weather, long nights and the lingering aftermath of the festive glut. The idea of Blue Monday was first conceived by Dr.

Why is Monday the most hated day?

The most common reason for hating Monday is that it follows two days of freedom and fun. For most, however, that’s sheer fantasy. Whether single or have family responsibilities, the weekend is chore time – cleaning, shopping, fixing and buying.