What Do You Say To Your Child After A Bad Game?

What do you say to your child after a game?

o Most of all, right after the game, there’s really no need for words.

Give your child a good, solid hug, let their tears flow, and then get in the car to give them some privacy and to allow them to feel their disappointment.

But later on in the day, check on them, and see if they want to talk at all..

What to do with child who cries during sports?

So, crying is OK, it just has to be talked through in a way where kids know the boundaries. Taking a kid out of the game for just crying is not the solution. But if the crying takes the kid mentally and emotionally out of the game, then it is OK to take him out of the game to relax, calm down and regroup.

How do you hype a guy before a game?

“I’m so excited for you” … “So proud of you” … “You can do it and I can’t wait to watch you winning” … “I already know you’re going to do a good job, you’re the best at football” … “Everything will be fine” … “As long as you do your best & have fun” … “Believe in yourself” … “Good luck, I will cheer for you”More items…

How do you cheer up someone?

How to Cheer Someone Up: 51 Ways to Make a Friend SmileAsk Them If They Want Help. First off, find out if the person you’re trying to cheer up actually wants your help! … Simply Be There for Them. … Take On a Creative Project Together. … Leave Your Friend a Handwritten Note. … Swing the Blues Away. … Go Get Some Ice Cream. … Do Whatever They Want to Do. … Volunteer Together.More items…•

What do you say to someone after a bad game?

When in doubt, go with food.Then let him grieve, and be OK grieving with him. … Don’t downplay the loss or say that the loss doesn’t matter. … Let him know you are proud of him, and tell him why. … Do go over his good moments playing. … Do create little victories.More items…•

What do you say to a football player before a game?

When a player – whether he plays every snap, or never sees the field – does something great, let them know you’re impressed.4 – “Thank you”5 – “We want/need you to step up and be a leader”6 – “I/We love your effort”7 – “That’s a great job, and here’s why…”8 – “I/We expect more out of you”More items…•

How do you help a perfectionist child in sports?

Encourage them to ask themselves, “What did I learn today?” When they start becoming critical, invite them to pause and ask themselves, “Is this helping me feel better?” They may say, “No, but it helps me work harder.” Remind them again to focus on the “process” of improvement and not the “outcome” of winning or losing …

How do you mentally prepare for a soccer game?

Here are some mental preparation tips to keep a high level of play during big games:Develop a consistent pregame routine that instills confidence. A pregame routine will help you focus on what you need to do to perform. … Focus on your game not your competitors. … Focus on the process, not results. … Have trust in yourself.

What do you say when someone win a game?

Great game! Congratulations on your achievement! So pleased for you on your well-earned success! Congratulations!

Why do people cry when lost?

We cry because of the fear and the pain that we wouldn’t be able to see or speak with the one we lost. We cry out our heart to realise that we wouldn’t be able to get them back. We cry for how their absence can change you from then. We cry because our heart know, how much they mean to us.

What do you say to your son before a big game?

71 Things Parents Say To Kids Before a Game“Be awesome.” Jeannine Sweeney Duffy.“200% and don’t be good, be great!” April C Beau.“Be fierce!” … “Kick some ass.” Julie Schaufelberger.“Get it, girl!!!” Sandra Hinrichs.“Play smart, remember all the work you’ve done and have fun.” John Neal.“Don’t Suck”…. … “Work hard, hustle & have fun!More items…•

How do you cheer up someone who lost a competition?

Offering a handshake, high five or simple congratulations to someone who beat you is an excellent show of sportsmanship and a positive step in processing a loss. If you can, ask them about what they did to win, or how they practice. This can help you become more competitive, or find a weak spot in their strategy.

How do you encourage someone after losing a game?

Here are some ideas:Teach life lessons. … Tell them you are proud of them. … Focus on the good qualities of the players. … Tell them that you love them. … Focus on good things that happened during the season. … Be there for them. … Put things in perspective.

How do sports deal with anger?

10 Top Tips to help control your emotion in Sport — Part 2Relax Your Body. Try tensing your muscles for a few seconds and then consciously relaxing them to feel a sense of calm, physically as well as mentally. … Learn From Others. … Develop Self-Awareness. … Reframe. … Take Deep Breaths. … Final Thought.

How do you encourage a football player?

Here are a few general tips you can employ to help spur your players on to become the best they can be after they buckle the chin straps:Love what you’re doing. … Set attainable goals for youngsters. … Recognize the good things happening on the field. … Don’t motivate through fear or threats.

How do you comfort?

How to Comfort Someone: 15 Do’s & Don’ts#1. Listen & Let Them Talk.#2. Use Open Ended Questions.#3. Give Space and Time: Don’t Rush Solutions.#4. Help Save Face: Mention Your Troubles.#5. Criticize Their Critics First.#6. Say You’re Sorry.What to Avoid. Using Their Pain to Troubleshoot. I told You! And what did I tell you? Assigning Blame. … SUMMARY.