What Does Edgar Stand For?

Is Edgar a boy or girl?

Gender Popularity of the Name “Edgar” Boy or Girl.

Edgar: It’s a boy.

Since 1880, a total of 145,422 boys have been given the name Edgar while 5 girls were named Edgar..

What is the meaning of the name Edmund?

Edmund is a masculine given name or surname in the English language. The name is derived from the Old English elements ēad, meaning “prosperity” or “riches”, and mund, meaning “protector”.

How far back does Edgar go?

Edgar contains more recent filings to SEC. Companies were phased in to EDGAR filing over a three-year period, ending May 6, 1996. Click on Search for Company Filings. If we don’t have what you need (typically the older filings), you can order them, but it will cost you.

How do I find Edgar contracts?

The quickest way to access EDGAR search tools is to go to Filings & Forms on sec.gov. Besides providing information on corporations, the database also contains information about mutual funds and variable annuities.

Is Edgar Online Free?

All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free.

Is Edgar free?

Who has access to EDGAR’s information? Access to EDGAR’s public database is free—allowing you to research, for example, a public company’s financial information and operations by reviewing the filings the company makes with the SEC.

When did SEC Edgar start?

1984In 1984, the SEC allocated $30 million to start the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval) pilot program. Its purpose was to create an electronically accessible database providing a more efficient and less costly method whereby the investing public could get the information it needed.

What is a nickname for Edgar?

Origin: Old English. Meaning: “wealthy spear” Best Nicknames: Ed, Eddie, Eddy, Ned, Neddy, Ted, Teddy.

Where does Edgar come from?

Scottish and English: from the Old English personal name Eadgar, composed of the elements ead ‘prosperity’, ‘fortune’ + gar ‘spear’. The name is found in Middle English in various forms, e.g. Edgar, Adger, Agar.

Where does the name Edwin come from?

The name Edwin means “rich friend”. It comes from the Old English elements “ead” (rich, blessed) and “wine” (friend). The original Anglo-Saxon form is Eadwine, which is also found for Anglo-Saxon figures.

What does the name Edgar stand for?

Edgar is a commonly used English given name, from an Anglo-Saxon name Eadgar (composed of ead “rich, prosperous” and gar “spear”).

What are Edgar codes?

SEC EDGAR filing codes are used to submit documents to the EDGAR system in addition to accessing online tools and web sites. These codes are created and provided when a company or insider registers with the SEC as an EDGAR filer. … The CIK and CCC codes are used to make submissions to the SEC on behalf a filer.

Edgar is an Old English name historically associated with the tenth century English king known as Edgar the Peaceful. … Edgar has been a stalwart on the US popular names lists, never falling below the Top 400 since records have been kept, and is especially popular (as is Edgardo) with Latino families.

How old is Edgar PewDiePie?

Edgar was introduced in an episode of Fridays with PewDiePie uploaded on October 13, 2013, entitled MA NEW DOGE, as well as a video called MEET EDGAR! on Marzia’s channel. He is 8 years old, but is larger than Maya (who is 14 years old), and has a coat of short, black fur.

What does Edgar mean in the Bible?

EDGAR Name Meaning and History Derived from the Old English elements ead “rich, blessed” and gar “spear”. This was the name of a 10th-century English king, Edgar the Peaceful.