Who Gave Saint 14 The Perfect Paradox?

What is Saint 14s perfect paradox?

It is also obtainable after completing Recovering the Past in Season of Dawn.

The Perfect Paradox is the signature weapon of the legendary Saint-14, a Titan thought long lost after venturing through the Infinite Forest in search of the notorious Warlock, Osiris..

How do you get the Saint 14 shotgun?

How to find Saint-14 and the Perfect Paradox shotgun in Destiny 2 Season of DawnStep 1: Complete A Matter of Time. To start, you’ll need to complete the A Matter of Time quest, which you receive from Ikora Rey when booting up the game. … Step 2: Recovering The Past. … Step 3: An Impossible Task.

Who voiced Saint 14?

Brian T. DelaneyCastCredited cast:Brian T. Delaney…Saint-14 (voice)Zehra Fazal…(voice)Morla Gorrondona…Eris Morn (voice)Lennie James…Lord Shaxx (voice)

What is the God roll for perfect paradox?

Obtaining Saint’s shotgun is an easy task. Head to an Obelisk at the EDZ, Nessus, Tangled Shore, Mars, or The Tower and pick up The Timelost Weapon quest associated with the shotgun. After completing the random objective you’re given, you will be rewarded with a random roll for the Perfect Paradox.

Is perfect paradox good for PVP?

Perfect Paradox Not great in the Crucible, since you’ll be outmatched by the likes of the Mindbender, but for cutting down powerful enemies it’s hard to find a better choice.

How do you get perfect paradox Year 3?

How to Get the Perfect Paradox (Year 3) in Destiny 2Grab the Quest From Osiris. Before you begin, keep in mind the quest for the Perfect Paradox is only available after you unlock The Sundial. … Defeat 3 Bosses. … Get 100 Shotgun Kills & 25 Melee Kills. … Complete The Pyramidion Strike & 5 Crucible, Strike, or Gambit Matches.

Who voices Lord Shaxx?

Lord Shaxx – Lennie James (The Walking Dead)

How do you get the perfect paradox?

Destiny 2 A New Paradox Guide – How to Get Perfect ParadoxStep 1: Visit Osiris at the Sundial Spire – Phased Through Time. … Step 2: Defeat Bosses – Field Research. … Step 3: Return to Osiris – A Timely Discovery. … Step 4: Defeat Enemies with Shotguns and Melee – Vex Data Collection. … Step 5: Complete the Pyramidion strike, Crucible matches, strikes, Gambit matches – Finishing Touches.More items…•

How is Saint 14 alive?

During the quest for the Perfect Paradox shotgun in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, players find Saint-14’s dead body hidden deep inside the forest. … We have the weapon now, and we still have to give it to a living Saint-14, somewhere in time, so he can someday die and leave it to us.

Where is Saint 14?

He can be found in the Tower’s Hangar. There is an Osiris-themed carpet leading to his ship, some lit candles surround the place, and there is a flock of pigeons nearby, Saint feeds them from time to time.

Which lost prophecy verse is the best?

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy Verse 11: Perfect Paradox Weapon You can unlock additional perks for Perfect Paradox that increase range and accuracy, making it arguably one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, and a deadly weapon in the Crucible.

Is Saint 14 Greek or Russian?

Saint-14 has a Russian accent. According to the player’s Ghost, Saint-14 was the first Guardian he met long before finding his Guardian.

Who are the voices in Destiny 2?

CastCast overview, first billed only:Nathan Fillion…Cayde-6 (voice)Frank Langella…The Consul (voice)Lennie James…Lord Shaxx (voice)Sumalee Montano…Hawthorne (voice)11 more rows

Who killed Saint 14?

“Osiris… I’m so sorry.” Out of an approximation of respect, the Vex laid Saint-14’s body to rest in a tomb in a Simulant Future, surrounded by the melted shells of all the Vex he killed as a memorial to the grief he gave them.

Can I still do the Saint 14 quest?

Eventually, you’ll be imprisoned and Saint-14 will break free to save you, before teleporting you back to the Sundial where you’ll need to defeat a few more enemies to free him. Saint-14 will now be a permanent vendor on the Tower and can be found in the Hangar.