Who Killed Barbara Kean Parents?

Why did Barbara Kean go crazy?

He was the one who saw in Barbara kinship and encouraged her to brutally murder her own parents, to whom she felt significant hatred.

That act broke her grip on sanity and she went to Arkham.

It seems her return to evil sanity might have been to compensate for Jada Pinkette leaving the series..

Who are Barbara Gordon’s parents?

Commissioner GordonBarbara Eileen GordonBarbara Gordon/ParentsIn 1967, DC Comics reintroduced Batgirl as the niece of Commissioner Gordon as well. Barbara’s mother Thelma died in a car accident when she was a young girl. Her father Roger became an alcoholic, and her uncle, James Gordon, gained custody of her when she was thirteen.

Who is Barbara Kean in Batman?

Erin RichardsBarbara Kean (portrayed by Erin Richards; season 1–5) is the daughter of a wealthy couple and the owner of an art gallery, Barbara Kean is the ex-fiancée of James Gordon.

Is Barbara Gordon Jim’s wife or daughter?

Barbara Gordon Jr. is Jim Gordon’s niece/adopted daughter of his sister.

Does Barbara have Jim’s baby?

Tony hasn’t been mentioned since 1981, so it’s highly doubtful Gotham has him in mind for the pregnancy subplot. However, Barbara and Jim did have a son named James Gordon, Jr., and fans have pointed out that he shares some similarities with Gotham’s villainous portrayal of Barbara Kean.